We are grateful to provide remedy and tremendously value your business and support!

To show our appreciation we award you points just for shopping with us. For every $10 spent you earn 1 Peepack Point. Each point is equivalent to $1.00. Points are awarded on a $100 payment scale, so as soon as you spend $100 you will be awarded 10 points; $10. This $10 can be used towards future purchases. Please remember if you check out as a guest there is no way for us to track and award you points. You must register an account with us to earn Peepack Points.

How do you secure your Peepack Points?

If you have already spent over $100 and would like to secure your points please complete the Points Submission Form on this page.

Point requests are processed on a daily basis in the order they are received during normal business hours. Expected response time is typically one to two business days.

Request Points Review

Following a review of your account our team will email your coupon code to the email address on file you use for purchasing.

Coupon of the Month

Purchase any product over $20 and receive $5 off.

Coupon Code:  peepack420

Instructions:  Add any product over $20 to your cart. Use the coupon code above to subtract $5 from the invoice total. This coupon can be used in conjunction with other coupons.

Want to be our lucky Peepack™ customer of the week?

By simply placing your order you are automatically entered to win a free Peepack™ product, which may be a 2oz bottle of Peepack Solution™ or a 3oz Apparatus Kit. We randomly choose 7 winners each week. Thank you for your continued support and remember We’re Here To Help!