Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Will the Peepack™ work for a male or female?

A:  Of course. The Peepack™ contains a 100% sterile urine of unisex design.


Q:  If I have already used the Peepack™ once and still have some urine left in the bladder can I use it again?

A:  Of course. Keep it stored in a dark place at room temperature between uses. Make sure it has not exceeded the expiration date on the package.


Q:  I have heard that temperature is very important when going through this experience. What is the best temperature to mimic real urine?

A:  Keep in mind urine, of an average human being, exits the body around 96.8º degrees Fahrenheit. Laboratories typically test between 90-100 degrees F for one element of validity.


Q:  Is it ok to submerge the temperature strip in water when I am heating my synthetic urine?

A:  Yes. The thermometer strip is designed specifically for submerging it in water.


Q:  There appears to be a clear layer of plastic coming off the thermometer strip. Is this a problem?

A:  No. That plastic is a cosmetic protective layer. You can simply peal it off and the thermometer will appear clearer and easier to read.


Q:  Where is the best place to put the Peepack™ for use?

A:  The Peepack™ can stored in a multitude of places. Whether you Gooch it, Butt Wedge it, use the clip to hang it within your clothing, or hold it in place with box briefs it will prove to be very effective. We suggest practicing till you feel comfortable with your own method.


Q:  How does the “fluid release valve” work?

A:  You simply slide the blue part of the valve back and forth to open and close the fluid pathway. It is suggested to practice this many times till you are comfortable with its motion. Be sure that when you practice this you hold the valve pointing upwards so the fluid in the bladder of the Peepack™ does not escape. Once familiar with the motion of the valve most people can easily operate it with one.


Q:  I bought my Peepack™ and ended up not having to use it. Three years later I need it now and I was wondering is it a bad idea to use it after the expiration date?

A:  Yes. Over time the nutrient components of the urine solution will break down similar to real urine.


Q:  I kept my Peepack™ in my car and it has been very cold the last month. I noticed that when I pulled it out of the package the other day the fluid appeared cloudy. Is it still good?

A:  No. Once you have stored the fluid contents in harsh conditions it speeds up the natural degradation process. At this point it is definitely not a good idea to use. Remember proper storage and product life are crucial.


Q:  Can I refill the Peepack™?

A:  It can be done, but is not suggested. You may contaminate your next use. If you choose to refill the Peepack™ we suggest using our Peepack Solution™ and never refilling a Peepack™ which has exceeded its package’s original expiration date.


Q:  I just purchased my Peepack™ from the store and noticed something might be wrong with it. What do I do?

A:  You may immediately return it to the store where you purchased it for review with their staff. They can replace the faulty item with a fresh one if they determine the product has not been abused or used after originally leaving the store.


Q:  Does Peepack Solution™ have uric acid?

A:  Yes.


Q:  What does it mean when test results return “inconclusive”?

A:  This can be the result of many factors. Keep in mind for it to feel like real urine it must be between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Too low or too high will result in inconclusive results.


Q:  Is adding tap water to the urine a bad idea?

A:  Yes. Municipal water carries many trace minerals that human does not. This will also produce “diluted” results.


Q: How long does the average Peepack™ last if not used immediately following purchase?

A: A fresh Peepack™ brand product will have approximately a 2.5 to 3 year shelf life. Product expiration is posted on the original packaging. Peepack™ products exceeding their expiration date are not suggested for use. If you have opened your product and not used it yet or have some left from a previous use you must store it in a dark room temperature location between uses to safely maintain it’s life.


Q:  Will the urine the Peepack™ work for a full panel test?

A:  Yes, works great for full panel tests.


Q:  Will the urine in the Peepack™ work for spectrometer testing?

A:  Yes, works great for full spectrum testing.


Q:  I keep hearing that Quickfix is the only trustworthy synthetic urine in today’s marketplace. Is this true?

A:  Quickfix is a product made by Spectrum Labs and has been around for a very long time. They do produce a good product, but it lacks the uniqueness of our medical grade bladder. Our urine has been said to pass uric acid tests in situations where their’s has not.

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