Is Synthetic Urine Reusable?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to synthetic urine, also known as fetish urine. Keep in mind not all synthetic urine is the same. High quality urine can be reheated multiple times without damaging its expected results. Lower quality urine tends to fall out of solution much faster.

Yes, Synthetic Urine Is Re-Usable!!!

There are a few very important variables to consider when you make the decision to “re-use” your synthetic urine.

Number one, always be sure to store it in a dark room temperature location away from natural and unnatural light between uses. You do this to slow down the natural degradation rate. Yes, light and drastic changes in temperature can dramatically shorten the life span of your urine. For example lets say you had a situation where you needed your urine ready to go, but then you didn’t have to use it after all. Later you get home and store it immediately in your sock drawer. You can do this numerous times and maintain the quality and effectiveness of your urine.

*It is not wise to store it in a vehicle unless you are sure it is not reaching temperatures over 100 degrees F or below 32 degrees F.

How can you tell if the urine is going bad and no longer usable? This can be done by visual inspection.  With Peepack products a visual inspection is simple as we use completely clear containers reflecting our lab grade quality, purity, and clarity. However, most our not most our competitors do not. They seem to hide their urine in opaque bottles and containers so you cannot see the urine. If you are using Quick Fix, Quick Fix Plus, Magnum, XStream, Monkey Whizz, Serious Monkey Business, Whizzinator, Urinator, Golden Flask, Sweet Pee, or any of the other major name brands you will have to pour the urine into a clear glass to perform a visual inspection. Keep in mind you risk contaminating your urine when doing this.

What to look for when urine is no longer usable for testing:

The urine should maintain a crystal clear appearance. If it becomes even slightly cloudy this can be a problem. Particles, or cloudiness, of any type reflect nutrients naturally degrading. Urine in this condition will not carry the same characteristics as human urine.

Can the synthetic urine be fixed?

No. Once the nutrients fall out of solution you must seek a new urine product.

Keep in mind most synthetic urine has a shelf life of roughly 2-3 years. The more you reheat and cool it the faster it naturally breaks down. It is always wise to do visual inspections of your urine regardless if you are heating it up on a regular. There have been instances where stores, distributors, and manufactures do not practice proper storage and you may receive a faulty product at purchase. Always do a visual inspection of the clarity of your urine so you know the level of quality you are receiving.

With Peepack products you can re-heat your urine multiple times without worry. We have had clients heating our urine products three to four times per week and still provided amazing results a year after purchasing it. We also know that mistakes can be made. Remember all Peepack products purchased through our website are covered by our full manufactures warranty.

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