Most Reliable Synthetic Urine Brands

Most Reliable Synthetic Urine Brands

When choosing the correct synthetic urine for you there are a few variables to consider and of course you always want the most reliable brand. Lets take a quick look at a few of the most popular brands in today’s industry and compare the most crucial elements when considering which is the best fit for you. All of the elements we will discuss are equally important as they must have one another to be an acceptable urine specimen whether it be by your fetish companion or testing/calibrating lab testing equipment.

The most important factors when choosing fake pee are appearance, nutrient composition, and the container or device in which it is stored.

Appearance is the first noticeable element. The urine must appear clear and have a natural yellow tint to it equivalent to your own average urine. If your urine’s appearance is too light in color it may appear as you are attempting to dilute your urine by consuming abnormal amounts of water prior to testing. This is also a warning to keep an eye out for that the urine company you purchased it from may be spreading the volume of their nutrients out too thin to produce more product. This is not good as the essential nutrients you must have in their will not be present. Now if the appearance is too dark it will appear as you may be having kidney problems, not consuming enough water, or that it is a falsified test. Keep in mind that the darker the urine appears does not mean it contains the essential nutrients it requires. The coloring agent is not as crucial an element as the urea, creatinine, keytones, etc. If the urine appears to bubbly when you shake it they not accept it for testing. If it does not bubble at all they may be suspect you are attempting to dilute by over consumption of water.

Nutrient composition must perfect! Urine contains specific nutrients that are used to validate urine samples. If nutrient levels are too high or too low it will not be an acceptable urine sample. To validate a urine sample as real they will test for presence of balanced ph levels, specific gravity, creatinine, nitrate/nitrite, uric acid, glucose, and proteins. There are many ways these can be tested, but the most common is the dip stick/panel tests. Yes, Peepack™ fake urine will pass a spectrometer test. If the urine does not appear crystal clear this is the nutrients falling out of solution and it will validity testing.

Type of device you use for storing and dispersing the urine is as important as the above factors. Most synthetic urine companies such as QuickFix by Spectrum Labs, Magnum, Ultra Pure, Clear Choice, X Streme, U Pass, Golden Flask, and many more no name brands provide a simple bottle with a pop top lid which has been used for dozens of years since synthetic urine’s inception. Some companies provide an elastic waist band and a bladder such as Clear Choice, X Streme, Magnum Clean Stream, Monkey Whiz, Clean Whiz, Synthetix5, Clean Whiz, and again many no name brands. Some companies are going as far as providing a fake penis for those customers that are very desperate. However it is wise to familiarize yourself with these fake penis products before purchasing them. Many customers that come to us have complained about them being difficult to operate, making gurgling sounds, and way too expensive.

So where does the Peepack™ fit in? The void left between all these different products. The Peepacks unique bladder design is more versatile than any bottle, belt bladder, and fake penis. Allowing you to store it in many more places on your body. Its soft polyvinyl design is soft, comfortable, and conforms to your body. This in turn allows you to maximize on your body’s natural heat to heat and maintain the urine. Temperature is the most important factor when playing the urine game. If it is not to the correct temperature at time of submission you will be considered inconclusive.

We hope this was helpful. We believe in true remedy. We’re Here To Help!

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