Fake Pee Belt Kits Just Not Cutting It

When a fake pee belt kit isn’t as concealable as you would like and a bottle doesn’t provide a discrete dispensing method you can always count on the Original Peepack. Our fake urine self dispensing system does all the work for you and most importantly without those annoying cheap clamps emitting incriminating clicking noise. It’s soft durable polyvinyl design is versatile enough to be stored in multiple places under your clothing, fitting perfectly in the warmest locations on your body. Being the most effective product around for the popular butt wedge, placement between your legs, or clipped inside your clothing the Peepack offers full concealment. At a quarter to half the cost of most belt kits the Peepack cannot be beat. Simply slide the silent fluid release valve and let it flow.

Never take a risk with any quick fix, cheap belt clamps, or a lame bottle when the Original Peepack provides serious relief.

We Believe In True Relief! We’re Here To Help!


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