Which Synthetic Urine Works Best?

Which Synthetic Urine Works Best?

There are many different products in today’s industry and deciding which one would be best for you can be very daunting. During a time like this the stress is already unbearable let alone which product might work for you best. To take the time to experience all of them is near impossible with so many knock-offs today. The question to ask yourself is why do you really need this type of product in the first place. Is it worth putting faith in a product that may or may not work for you? Do quality name brands really matter? A lot of people today seem to think that an invalid test result is the result of the urine not have the nutrients it required to pass. More times than none it was because it was not at proper temperature. If it was between 90 to 100 degrees F* at the time of submission and still returned invalid results your specimen was more than likely watered down, meaning there was not enough creatinine or urea in the fluid urine solution.

You will also notice in the majority of synthetic urine fetish products you will find “floaties” in their urine. This particulant matter will not pass a visual test in their new completely clear testing cups. The reason for this is even using pharmaceutical  grade urea there tends to be matter that will not completely dissolve. You will find most companies to bypass this have began using opaque bottles. This is to hide the “floaties” throughout their solution. In the past testing facilities made it a trend to use opaque testing cups without ever doing a visual inspection. Beginning in 2017 testing facilities will be implementing their clear testing cups and visual inspections for foreign particulant matter.

We have searched high and low throughout the industry and have only found one company putting forth that extra effort to remedy this growing concern. Peepack, Inc. They ensure their experimental urine recipes are double filtered during the time of formulation into its final solution state. You will immediately notice with all of Peepack’s products they use completely clear bottles and bladders so you, the customer, can see exactly what your receiving and using in full confidence. Through extensive testing of the majority of competitive products in the market we found that Peepack’s were the most consistent and accurate on the exact nutrient count, appearance, presentation, and user friendliness.

Ten out of ten customers that have used the Peepack brand would suggest it to their friends.  Check out all the good online reviews going back years about the reliability of The Peepack Brand!

The Peepack Team’s online support is great. They respond quickly and always with valuable information. If you get in a crunch and require a premium grade synthetic urine option for your fetish needs The Peepack Brand has got you covered! With their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you cannot go wrong!