Does Synthetic Urine Really Work?

Remember there is never really a quick fix with synthetic urine!

One of the most asked questions within the novelty and smoke shop industry is “Does synthetic urine really work?” It is wise to consider what it is you are using it for before you determine whether or not it will work for you. Synthetic urine has, and can be, used for a variety unique activities. The most popular in today’s industry would be what is known as the “Golden Shower Experience”. This is an activity which takes place within what is known as the “fetish community” typically between adults 18 years of age and older. This activity involves urinating on one another which correlates back to an ancient ceremonial ritual practiced by many ancient tribes. This ritual was known as a period of cleansing. When using sterile synthetic urine during these activities you are guaranteed sanitized results without the risk of stds, toxins, bacteria, etc.

Synthetic urine plays a great role as a “gag gift”. This is where a person could use it to pretend to urinate on their friends belongings. The unaware victim cannot identify whether or not the urine is real unless notified by the person pulling the prank. This is a fun gag gift/activity at parties, gatherings, etc.

A very serious purpose for synthetic urine is its use in calibrating toxin and adulterant testing equipment. This amazing substance mimics human urine and provides the perfect balancing medium for scientists and testers.

Whatever your reason for being a synthetic urine user may be we don’t discriminate. You need the facts!

Can someone tell if synthetic urine is real?  YES

How might they know?  By witnessing you dispersing it or not having the correct temperature at time of use. For it to “feel real” it must be the temperature it would normally be when exiting the human body. Typically between 90-98 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind human urine exits the body at approximately 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit If it does not reach the correct temperature your results may return “Inconclusive”.

Fact:  Synthetic urine will not break down, decompose, as fast as real urine. Real urine immediately begins converting to ammonia which leaves a horrible rancid, spoiled smell. It will also begin to sediment to the bottom of the cup in layers as the proteins and keytones break down. Using human urine can be detrimental to your desired outcome, but synthetic urine is typically Biocide protected to directly slow this process.


So Yes! Synthetic urine works, but like everything else in this world it must be used correctly and responsibly to achieve the results that you are pursuing. GOOD LUCK!


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