How Important Is Temperature?

Maintaining the correct temperature is the most crucial element when mimicking human urine. If it is not between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit it will not feel like real urine. Remember urine typically exits the body around 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Most synthetic urine kits today will provide a hand warmer and rubber band to assist with the heating process.

There are many ways to prepare/heat your synthetic urine contents before use.

  • 5-10 seconds in the average microwave.
  • Submerging it into a glass of warmer water.
  • Utilizing provided hand warmer and rubber band.
  • Using your body’s natural heat.
  • Car’s heater and dash defroster.

Do not leave in the sun or on your dash. This can damage the fluid contents.

Always take into consideration your environment and the type of attire being worn. For example a person in Los Angeles in the middle of summer would not need to worry too much about heating their synthetic urine to the correct temperature range as a person in the middle of winter in Alaska. Wearing clothing that tends to keep the urine device or bottle in close proximity of your body helps maximize on your body’s natural heat to maintain the correct temperature. It is always a good idea to do a practice run by prepping your urine, store it on your person however you choose, and checking the temperature from time to time to prevent temperature surprises. Wear it for a while, so you know what your body is capable of maintaining on its own. Most people will prep the synthetic urine, by one of the methods mentioned above, to 100 degrees Farenheit and wrap it up or stuff it wear they plan on storing it. They will take the hand warmer with them if their body cannot maintain the 90-100 temperature range.

Good to Know:  A larger or more active person will have an easier time naturally maintaining temperature than a small or skinny person.

Correct Temperature Range:   90-100 degrees Fahrenheit; 32.2-37.7 Celsius

If you cannot achieve the correct temperature at time of sample submission you will receive “Inconclusive Results”.

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