The Original Peepack™

The Peepack™ is the only name brand medical grade fluid apparatus in today’s industry that you can trust with 100% confidence. Now with 3 full ounces of our premium Peepack Solution™ Laboratory Grade Fake Urine.

Key Product Features

What makes the Peepack™ so famous?

100% Toxin Free

Our premium laboratory grade urine is identical to human urine minus any and all toxins.

Superior Design

Soft poly-vinyl design contours to your body for easy storage and simple temperature control.

Silent Control Valve

The only fully self administering system available today. Conveniently slide the valve and let it flow.

Proven Effective

We continue to assist and satisfy thousands of people world-wide, 100% satisfaction. Results Guaranteed!

Peepack Benefits

Unique Medical Grade Design Guarantees Great Results!

Our solution delivers perfect PH levels, Specific Grafity, Creatinine, Urea, Uric Acid, Appearance, Taste, Smell, and is Biocide protected for full spectrum calibration testing.

  • Pre-mixed and ready for immediate use
  • Easier to conceal over any bottle
  • Self Administering System
  • Effective temperature maintenance
  • Burst and leak proof
  • Great unisex design
  • Designed to go anywhere
  • Guarantees a great experience


True relief ready to be put to the FETISH test! 

Your significant other will never know the difference. Remember We’re Here To Help!